Prescient Endowment Policy

What is it ?

The Prescient Endowment is a savings policy for investors with a time horizon of 5 years or greater.

How do I contribute?

Contributions to the endowment are made in cash as a lump sum at the start of the investment period.

What about tax?

By investing in an endowment rather than directly in a unit trust you are able to generate a tax benefit on the interest income that you earn.  This benefit is particularly relevant for investors who have used up their annual interest income tax exemption and have high marginal tax rates (>30%).

What are my options?

You are able to pick from a range of investment options managed by Prescient Investment Management.  You are able to switch between these investment options at any point without cost.

How do I withdraw?

You are allowed to make a single withdrawal within the first 5-year period.  The withdrawal is limited to the initial contribution plus 5% compound interest per year.  After 5 years you will be entitled to withdraw any amount, either as a single withdrawal or by way of scheduled / recurring withdrawals.

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