We are part time cyclists. We know all the ins and outs about cycling and competing but we are not professionals.  We’ve participated in many races and adventures and understand the effort that needs to be put in to achieve goals. We also understand that we have little chance of competing against any professional cyclist - a cyclist who have been cycling competitively all their life and spend the bulk of their time preparing for a race. Professional cyclist have built up muscle memory which we can only achieve over time (and were constantly behind them never to catch up). Cycling is a passion for us, a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy, to reduce the stresses of daily life and to ensure a healthy retirement one day – if ever.


D AND D THE CYCLE is a professional administrator. We have built the experience and “muscle memory” of competing at the highest level. We’ve spend the better part of each past adult day building and perfecting this memory and still building :).We're constantly changing every aspect of our administration in line with legislative and IT developments. David (the sprinter) and Daniel (the roleur) are like a cycling team – each has its own strengths and abilities and when combined in supporting roles makes for a winning team (together with efficient, knowledgeable, talented and experienced supportive staff of course).


Put us to the test. Talk to us and you’ll soon establish our flexibility and adaptability. We believe that the latest technology is not an option. We believe in listening to a client’s needs and achieve meeting these needs.  We believe in forming alliances to achieve client’s needs.  We believe in efficient administration.  We believe in facts and honesty.


Our Expertise