First Time Investor


Saving for the future is not an easy task. We have made available a number of investment options, as well as the option to invest through your preferred and approved investment manager in a Personalised Share Portfolio (PSP) 


A PSP is a portfolio established specifically for you by your preferred and approved investment manager. You may specify, within certain limits prescribed by Regulation 28, which securities (including but not limited to shares, cash, bonds, property, foreign investments) the asset manager may purchase on your behalf and what level of risk you would be comfortable with.


The PSP allows you to have input, and in some instances even to determine the securities to be purchased or sold.


The reporting by the asset manager is also specific to your portfolio, unlike a unit trust where you may not specify any detail regarding the underlying securities. You can expect to receive personalised reporting and to meet with your selected asset manager to discuss the performance, strategy and holdings. A PSP is especially advantageous to an investor who has a trusted relationship with an asset manager and the investor wishes that the asset manager manages all his savings, including retirement savings.